Sonia Collections Terms of Use

Documents of this company are governed by the rules of an electronic record under the Broadcasting of Information Act 2000. These electronic rules are recorded by the computer system and do not require any kind of digital signature.


You can read all the terms of the condition by visiting its official website. Required to publish its Terms of Purchase, Sale, Privacy, and Terms of Use per the legal provisions. Which includes mobile, site and mobile application, etc.

Account registration Process:

If you use the Sonia Collections Platform, you will need to maintain the confidentiality of your name and password. You agree and proceed by agreeing on its term and condition. Providing incomplete or incorrect information can result in your account being frozen.

Service payment.

You need to keep certain things in mind while availing of any kind of services on the Sonia Collections website and platform. While availing of any payment method available on the Platform, we shall not be responsible or assume any liability in respect of any loss or damage, directly or indirectly, caused by: In case of any purchases made on this website, the original payment will be made in USD.

Sonia Collections replacement guarantee.

Sonia Collections’ replacement guarantee wishes to help all the buyers who have been duped by the Zilla platform qualified sellers. In this company, the returns neighbor’s facilities depend on the seller itself. If any kind of mistake is found in the product, then it has been given the facilities to be replaced according to the rules of the company and mustard. If any mistake or defect is found during delivery, it is replaced within a week.

How to contact the seller

At Sonia Collections it is ensured that all possible facilities are provided to improve the work between sellers and buyers with the help of any dispute resolution and processes that may occur. If a buyer wants to contact any seller, he can get all the information provided by the company’s website or sellers on their list. If you go to its official website SONIACOLLECTIONS.COM and call on their contact number or you can also contact on official mail and take advantage of all the facilities as well as register a complaint.

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